10 COMMs is a hybridized cross media project by Mark Amerika and Giselle Beiguelman that explores new paradigms for artistic creation for the online environment.

The work investigates the fluidity of network identity and its artificial presence in our contemporary authorial (or post-authorial) condition.

A work in progress, it will be launched at the 2nd Buenos Aires Biennial through a web site, an e-mail movement, and a series of stickers which will be used to spread the meme-like qualities of those ten commandments.

Some of its points of departure are:

a) Aura is interface.

b) One cannot own a thought any more than they can patent a particular walk through the desert

c) The desert, like the mind it operates in, is the landscape where open source is visited and revisited.

d) The Digital Aleph (re)discovers the narrative potential of open source code, of social software, in the solitude of the desert -- the desert of the real where radical intersubjectivity blooms.


10 COMMs é um projeto híbrido e cross mídia de Mark Amerika e Giselle Beiguelman que explora novos paradigmas da criação artística para ambientes on line.

O trabalho investiga a fluidez da identidade na Rede e sua presença artificial na condição autoral (ou pós-autoral) contemporânea.

O projeto é um work in progress e será lançado na 2ª Bienal de Buenos através deste web site, de um movimento por e-mail e de uma série de adesivos que serão utilizados para espalhar as qualidades meméticas de seus 10 Comandomentos.

Alguns de seus pressupostos são:

a) Aura é interface.

b) Dizer-se dono de um pensamento é tão coerente quanto querer patentear o rastro de uma caminhada no deserto

c) O deserto, como a mente que ele agencia, é a paisagem em que o código aberto é visitado e revisitado

d) O Aleph digital (re)descobre o potential narrativo do código aberto, do software social, na solidão do deserto_ o deserto do Real onde a intersubjetividade floresce.

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Giselle Beiguelman is a new media artist and multimedia essayist who teaches Digital Culture at the Graduation Program in Communication and Semiotics of PUC-SP (São Paulo, Brazil).

Her work includes the award-winning The Book after the Book (1999) <Content = No Cache> (2000), nominated for the Trace/ Alt-X New Media Competition, and Recycled (2001).

She has recently made art for mobile phones (Wop Art, 2001), praised by many media sites and the international press, including The Guardian (UK) and Neural (Italy), and art involving public-access and internet-streaming for electronic billboards like Leste o Leste? and Egoscópio (2002), released by The New York Times, among others.

Beiguelman's work appears in important anthologies and guides devoted to digital arts including Yale University Library Research Guide for Mass Media and has been presented in international venues such as Net_Condition (ZKM, Germany), el final del eclipse (Fundación Telefonica, Madrid), Desk Topping - Computer Disasters (Smart Project Space, Amsterdan) and The 25th São Paulo Biennial.

Artist web site: http://www.desvirtual.com



Mark Amerika, who was named a "Time Magazine 100 Innovator" as part of their series of features on the most influential artists into the 21st century, has recently had two large-scale retrospectives of his digital art work (1993-2001) at ACA Media Arts Plaza, in Tokyo and at the ICA, in London.

In the mid-Nineties, he was a Creative Writing Fellow and Lecturer at Brown University where he developed the Grammatron, a multi-media narrative that has since been released by the The New York Times, Time and Wired, among others, and was selected to the Whitney Biennial of American Art (2000).

After this, he conceived Phon:e:me, an mp3 concept album commissioned by the Walker Art Center, which was nominated for a Webby Award in the Art category. His new cross-media narrative project is entitled Filmtext, a hybridized online/offline storyworld experience, commissioned by Playstation in conjunction with the ICA.

Amerika was recently appointed to the Fine Arts Faculty at the University of Colorado in Boulder where he is developing an innovative curriculum in Digital Art.

Artist web site: http://www.markamerika.com