by Giselle Beiguelman

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Sator Square

Sator Square

The Sator Square is a word square containing a Latin palindrome featuring the words SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS. Latin for ‘Arepo the sower holds his cart with difficulty.’ In Portuguese, the translation is more complicated. I don’t know why but one of the possible meanings of the Sator Square is: ‘O criador mantém o mundo em sua órbita’ (Something like “The creator holds the world in its own orbit” – I’m really bad in translations… – btw, it s my favorite interpretation).

The words of the Sator Square may be read in any direction.

The oldest known representation of the Sator Square was found in the ruins of Herculaneum (Erculano, Italy), destroyed in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius beginning on August 24, 79 AD. (79 d.C).

Can we dream with a QR-Code like this?