Cinema Lascado and CGH-SDU (Homage to the Minimal Information) are at the Directors Lounge (the 7th Berlin International Directors Lounge, 2011) .

These videos will be presented at BRAZIL | RECENT ARTIST VIDEOS and WINDOWS programs.
Kika Nicolela is the curator.

For those who are in Berlin, follow the links above. Otherwise, watch them here:

Cinema Lascado (Chipped Movie), trailer

If you cannot see the video or for more information… click here

CGH-SDU (Homage to the Minimal Information)

CGH – SDU (Homage to the Minimal Information) from gbeiguelman on Vimeo.

In this video the landscape is reduced to its minimum informative elements – dominant colors and sounds -, converting movement in a flow of textures and volumes modulated by ligth. Recorded with a Flip video camera during landings and take offs, between the urban airports of São Paulo (Congonhas, CGH) and Rio de Janeiro (Santos Dumont, SDU), in one day of July. Languages: Portuguese and English. Giselle Beiguelman, 2010