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A project like egoscope, because of its lack of precedents, forced the elaboration of its own concepts.
It is true it was conceived after
Leste ou Leste? (Did you read the east), the first time I faced the problem of public streaming, by the web, to an electronic billboard, and, from a conceptual point of view, the hybridization of the interface and the message.

Nevertheless, it also true that I hacked other creators references, like Lucia Leão research on spatial representations of the web and the corruption of the single work of art and the revalidation of the authorship category promoted by Nelson Leirner.

The ideas of relational architecture developed Rafael Lozano-Hemmer and Lev Manovich´s statements on the database aesthetics as a specificity of on line arts practices were extremely important for this project.

Orlando, protagonist of one of Virginia Woolf´s novels, decoded with the tools of Derrida´s philosophy were decisive for the formulation of egoscope as a new form of subjectivity, independent of its ontological links of the "I" as a presence to the self.

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