The appearance of cell phones with camera began catch my attention since its first days. I intuited, and I talked about this in several conferences, that the cell phone tended more and more to become not only a powerful urban remote control but also a third eye in the palm.

All my series Fast/Slow_Scapes (2006) explored this phenomenon. Always captured inside a moving vehicle [cars, taxis, boats, trains and buses] and with different mobile phone models, these videos are based on unique viewpoints regarding the “cyborg eye” of mobile cameras. In this visual diary recorded on video, launched at Galeria Vermelho, in São Paulo, the images look like they are stuck in walls as if they were static paintings in movement. I recorded each place from inside the mean of transportation that characterizes its territory. São Paulo by car, Berlin by train, Greece by boat, etc.

The different noises, which are now one decade old, were created based on the incompatibility of speed between the capturing device [mobile phones that recorded videos in 16 frames per second] and the editing device [computers that read files with 29.7 frames per second]. Seen today, they do not narrate only
the landscapes they portrayed, they also narrate the history of the audiovisual in the age of technological nomadism.

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