Strange Paradox

Here where space

is built up on Memory

What prevails is an

Architecture of Forgetting



<Content=No Cache>

this is for Luciano,
again and always


<Content=No Cache> is about the loss of inscription. It talks about error messages.

Its point of departure is a curious tag "content = no cache". Placed in the html code it updates the contents of any on line page, erasing what was written before.

It announces a new condition of  writing.  From now on it does not inscribe anymore. It just describes. Like Error Messages.

This site, <Content=No Cache>, deals with the letter new dimension and inquires the paradoxes of on line writing.

It questions the famous html publishing software slogan, the acronym wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) by asking:is it?.

Integrated to The Book of Errors it also documents the relationship between webreaders and errors messages. Those messages are aesthetically reworked and exhibited in new screens.

By doing this, the web site creates a different context for them and inverts the relation between what is seen and what is read.

In a few words, <Content=No Cache> works as if it would be possible to operate in the limits between reading and vision, in order to explore what is supposed to be a cyberliteracy.

Giselle Beiguelman