Suite for Mobile Tags – Movement # 1

Suite for Mobile Tags is a project based on QR-Code (Quick Response Code), which proposes an exercise of random and anonymous collective musical composition.

For the implementation of its first movement, there is a set of eight mobile tags embedded with a phone number. Each of these numbers is powered by a ringtone.

Participants scan one of the displays containing a phone number encoded in QR-Code using their own QR Readers or the mobile phones available in the exhibition hall for dialing a phone number. Watch the videos, do a test drive. More than 16 million combinations are possible.

By pointing a phone w/ QR-reader to a display, participants play a ringtone. The result is a sudden and temporary suite that play with hi and low tech, the portability, the confusion between public and private, music and noise.

A project by Giselle Beiguelman and Mauricio Fleury

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