How heavy is a cloud?  is a multimedia installation comprising video, audio, stamps, and photography that occupies Galpão VB prompting the audience to venture into a mysterious, unknown territory of family inheritance. Born into a Polish-Jewish family, Giselle Beiguelman morphs into a traveler of memories for this project, visiting her family’s home country and questioning herself, investigating landscapes and her own past, revising a traceless history, and ultimately creating a lyrically-charged piece of stark images. How heavy is a cloud? was commissioned by as part of a program to promote Polish culture in Brazil in 2016.

Curator: Ana Pato.

Art Works:

Ask the Stones


Exploring the realm of the aesthetics of memory, the series Ask the stones maps out my perplexities under multiple contexts. Série 1, shown during the 2014 Bahia Biennale, inquired into the connections between archives and cemeteries; Série 2, part of the project Memória da Amnésia (Memory of Amnesia), in 2015, investigates the politics of memory and public heritage as politics of oblivion.

This 3rd series builds on the  questioning of my own traceless history, as I set out seeking a narrative of my own family, whose roots I revisited in a trip to Poland. Presented as a set of stamps, the series concerns the experience of prisoner branding in Nazi death camps. The piece was commissioned by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

Disturbingly familiar

Perturbadoramente Familiar (Disturbingly Familiar)

A visual and textual diary of my first trip to Poland, from where my grandparents fled to Brazil after World War I. The piece comprises a sound installation and 16 postcards, which come together to recount my travel experience through images, first-person accounts and quotes from authors including Hal Foster, Andreas Huyssen, and Vilém Flusser.

These leftovers of a memory told feature elements that reveal, through juxtaposition and free association, tacit associations between assorted topics, such the concealment of memory through the monetization of design and the impossibility to produce ruins in the 20th century, thereby situating viewers amid debris and reflections on the opacity of the fog.

The piece documents the tension between the managing of memory and the politics of oblivion, between situations of belonging and cultural exclusion.

This artwork was commissioned by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

How heavy is acloud?

Quanto pesa uma nuvem?

Composed of a video and a photograph of equal size taken from a still from the same video, the exhibition’s titular artwork documents my car ride between Krakow and Auschwitz on a day of heavy fog.

The trip is recorded in such a way that its start and end points get mixed up. This, plus the spatial closeness of static and moving image, blurs the line between those two points. The piece is a reflection on the impalpability of the pain, the dizziness and the impasse of tourism which cannibalizes history.

It converses with a traceless narrative through imprecise images that erase themselves continuously. These images are an incursion into landscapes that are pure memory nonetheless.

This artwork was commissioned by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.