Visual Foreign Correspondents Berlin is the latest in a series of projects initiated by the Visual Correspondent Foundation in cooperation with WL Projects Berlin in which networks of high-profile public media platforms have been developed as specially curated spaces. In VFC-Berlin we invite a network of artists to reflect in a personal way on the recent events in their region and relate these events to ways in which the world has changed in the two decades since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Last Exit from VFC_Berlin on Vimeo.

In Last Exit Before Reality Giselle Beiguelman caricatures the politically correct borders imposed by a society of control. The aggressive stream of continuously flashing warning and prohibition signs leaves the viewer without any doubt that s/he is trespassing countless rules in a strictly controlled environment. According to Beiguelman, the steep influx of rules and regulations in our current climate, followed by their almost natural acceptation within civil society, leads to the loss of a possibility for conflict, and thus to a disappearance of -previously negotiated- public space.

Interview with Giselle Beiguelman by Annette Wolfsberger
Die neuen Grenzen, die wir lieben (interview – German – Zeit Online)
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Urban Screens
Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin

The individual works and eventually the entire series will be shown on a specifically designed urban screen situated at a platform of the U-Bahn Station Kochstrasse in Berlin, Germany. This central and historic location has always been significant as especially during the divide. Better known as Checkpoint Charlie it became a symbol of the Cold War, representing the separation of east and west, and — for some East Germans — a gateway to freedom.

21 September – 9 November:
weekdays: 7 am – 9 pm
weekends: 11:30 am – 8 pm

Last Exit Befor Reality at Checkpoint Charlie

Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 9

On the anniversary itself, for one night only, the entire series of works will be shown on the media façade on the outside of the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin the Hungarian Cultural Institute, This modern building is in the heart of the city of Berlin close to where the wall once was. With it’s enormous windows it will be a dramatic and symbolic location for the final night of the project.

Monday 9th of November: 8 pm – 12 pm

Die Wende Festival, Melkweg Amsterdam
The entire series of works will be presented in De Melkweg, Amsterdam in November as part of the festival ‘ Die Wende’ focussing on the events round the ‘Fall of the Wall’ and will be screened continuously during the festival.