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Disturbingly familiar

A visual and textual diary of my first trip to Poland, from where my grandparents fled to Brazil after World War I. The piece comprises a sound installation and 16 postcards, which come together to recount my travel experience through images, first-person accounts and quotes from authors including Hal Foster, Andreas Huyssen, and Vilém Flusser.

These leftovers of a memory told feature elements that reveal, through juxtaposition and free association, tacit associations between assorted topics, such the concealment of memory through the monetization of design and the impossibility to produce ruins in the 20th century, thereby situating viewers amid debris and reflections on the opacity of the fog.

The piece documents the tension between the managing of memory and the politics of oblivion, between situations of belonging and cultural exclusion.

Images from the postcards series Disturbingly familiar. Giselle Beiguelman, 2016.
For the postcards texts, visit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/silver_box/albums/72157669547876201