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How heavy is a cloud?

Composed of a video and a photograph of equal size taken from a still from the same video, the exhibition’s titular artwork documents my car ride between Krakow and Auschwitz on a day of heavy fog.

The trip is recorded in such a way that its start and end points get mixed up. This, plus the spatial closeness of static and moving image, blurs the line between those two points.

The piece is a reflection on the impalpability of the pain, the dizziness and the impasse of tourism which cannibalizes history. It converses with a traceless narrative through imprecise images that erase themselves continuously. These images are an incursion into landscapes that are pure memory nonetheless.

How heavy is a cloud? . Giselle Beiguelman, 2016. video, 4’40”, loop / photograph, 120x210 cm. (video stills)

Quanto pesa uma nuvem?| How heavy is a cloud -
from Giselle Beiguelman on Vimeo.