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Today, the collection is one of questions

We’re talking about a traveller. We’re talking about a traveller of memory.
The questions are questions asked by this traveller. A traveller asks mundane questions.
Is that Ukraine? Is this where the synagogue used to be?
A traveller asks essential questions. Who planted dill in the cemetery? Where do the ghosts live?
A traveller asks his soul questions. Does pain have a color? Does beauty confront the memory of the nightmare?
A traveller compares what he knows and what he sees. What’s it like to live where he’s never been to? What’s it like to revisit a traceless history?
A traveller puts his knowledge to the test. When did the ruins become debris? Does tourism cannibalize memory?

The traveller carries the emptiness of past images and his grandmother’s cookbooks.
The traveller gives off a disturbingly familiar impression, everyone there looks like him.

Ana Pato