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Ask the stones

Exploring the realm of the aesthetics of memory, the series Ask the stones maps out my perplexities under multiple contexts. Série #1, shown during the 2014 Bahia Biennale, inquired into the connections between archives and cemeteries; Série #2, part of the project Memória da Amnésia (Memory of Amnesia), in 2015, investigates the politics of memory and public heritage as politics of oblivion.

This Série #3 builds on the questioning of my own traceless history, as I set out seeking a narrative of my own family, whose roots I revisited in a trip to Poland. Presented as a set of stamps, the series concerns the experience of prisoner branding in Nazi death camps.

Here I afford the public the chance to deconstruct the experience of violence and pain that impregnates 20th century memory indelibly. For this, the public is invited to stamp on an empty wall and to cross the questions with the postcards I produced for this exhibition.