This ebook covers the main contents of the symposium “Appropriation of the uncommon: public and private space in times of mobility”. It is a  a result of a partnership between Vivo festival and  Sergio Motta Institute. The discussions focused the following themes: strategies for network broadcastingand access to information using mobile media, and expected and actual convergence between networks and physical space, and the development of social technologies in their various aspects. As a contribution to ongoing debates on the culture of mobility, the publication is freely available as a downloadable file.

Appropriations of (Un)Common- Public and Private Space in Mobility Times
(G. Beiguelman, Lucas Bambozzi, Marcus Bastos e Rodrigo Minelli, eds.)

Trebor Scholz
Jonah Brucker-Cohen
Fernando Velázquez
Marcus Bastos
Fábio Duarte
André Lemos
Fernando Llanos
Matrha Gabriel
Laura Beloff
Lucas Bambozzi
and Rodrigo Minelli
Mirjam Struppek
Raquel Kogan
Giselle Beiguelman
Guilherme Kujawski
Brett Staulbaum
and Cícero Silva

Versão em português:
Apropriações do (In) Comum – Espaço Público e Privado em Tempos de Mobildade