10Comms from Giselle Beiguelman on Vimeo.

The 10 Commandments for for artistic creation in the network age:

I am the Net who linked thee out of the purgatory of thy Interface

Thou shalt respect privacy in the endless and circuitous social relations that flow before me

Thou shalt take every name in vain

Honour thy codes and thy sources, that thou mayst be longlived upon the no-man’s-land which thy Web will give thee

Thou shalt kill all spam

Thou shalt adulterate everything

Thou shalt not be inspired

Remember that thou keep thy passwords that thou mayst be logged in thy network

Thou shalt not bear false consciousness in all media environments

Thou shalt covet thy neighbour’s source code

[By G. Beiguelman & M. Amerika, 2002]