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AI/ IA, Art, Botanical Art

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abril 17, 2024

Project Brief

Poisonous, Noxius, and Suspicious is an art -based research projetct about demonized, forbidden, and maligned plants, which I draw with AI, using as reference women erased from the history of Art and Science.

I am interested in the possible parallels between concealment forms and knowledge hierarchies that can be glimpsed between certain plants and women. Each plant, therefore, is accompanied by a biography that articulates the life of notable, but historically erased, female botanists with that of certain plants surrounded by various prejudices.


I am exploring natural language-based models that create images from texts and other images in an almost inter-semiotic translation process. The images in this post were made using this type of programming, employing two complementary methods: text-to-image and image-to-image. They are part of a work in progress, Poisonous, Noxius, and Suspicious, a title borrowed from a 19th-century scientific manual. The focus is on plants banned by the colonial “civilizing” process due to their use in sacred rituals and hallucinogenic and aphrodisiac powers, contradicting the canon of the ideal morally and physically superior human (white European man). 

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