How heavy is a cloud?

how heavy is cloud

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Aesthetics of Memory / Estéticas da Memória, Instalação | Installations

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junho 22, 2016

Project Brief


How heavy is a cloud?  (2016) is a multimedia installation comprising video, audio, stamps, and photography that occupies Galpão VB prompting the audience to venture into a mysterious, unknown territory of family inheritance. Born into a Polish-Jewish family, Giselle Beiguelman morphs into a traveler of memories for this project, visiting her family’s home country and questioning herself, investigating landscapes and her own past, revising a traceless history, and ultimately creating a lyrically charged piece of stark images. How heavy is a cloud? was commissioned by as part of a program to promote Polish culture in Brazil in 2016.

Curator: Ana Pato.

More info: here.


Comissioned by as part of the programme of presentations of Polish culture in Brazil.

Presented by Videobrasil.

Curator: Ana Pato



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