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janeiro 4, 2013

Project brief & details

I LV Yr GIF (I Love Your GIF) is a project based on the culture of the first wave of net art, produced entirely with animated gifs taken from personal collections such as those of Jimpunk, Marisa Olson, and Superbad. Inspired by the iPad zooming features, here the low-tech rhyme with Wi-Fi and mobility, remixing the past and the future of the Internet in an optical black and white delirium. Browse the desktop version or access the web app from your iPad or iPhone at:

I will present I LV Yr GIF at Three Stages of Remix, curated by Eduardo Navas, at gallery@calit2, San Diego, CA. I Lv Yr GIF is a WebApp optimized for iPad but available for any device.

This video, captured directly from my screen, shows some possibilities of unexpected views you can get when “watching with your hands”.

More images: I Lv Yr GIF @ Flickr.

I LV Yr GIF is part of MAC-USP collection

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