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Aesthetics of Memory / Estéticas da Memória, arte pública | public art, exposições | exhibitions, memória

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setembro 18, 2017

Project Brief

Memories of Sand is a processual artwork. For its accomplishment, there was a call for the donation of memories (personal, borrowed or invented) about the legendary Urca Casino and a series of interviews in the streets of the Urca neighborhood. The testimonies crossed stories of the Casino from the 1940s, TV Tupi studios (the pioneer television Brazilian network that occupied from the 1950s to 1980s ), and the nowadays ruins of that building and the fantasies that they involve. Edited and printed on plates, through digital fabrication (3D printing), all those stories were taken to the beach. Stamped in the sand, they merge and dissolve into the sea. Like the memories of that place.

Memories of Sand | Giselle Beiguelman, 2017.

With the borrowed and invented memories of:  Arquivo Marcio Doctors | Beca Vaz Mariano | Edson Ferreira da Silva Jr | Jorge Pescador | José Benonis Rodrigues Rosa | José de Melo Tavares | José Mariano Sobrinho | Kátia Maciel | Maria Helena Pereira de Mello | Maria Tereza Pereira Furtado de Mello | Mardônio Bar Urca | Paula Alzugaray | Regina Celia Coutinho | Rodolpho Villanova | Rosaria de Fátima Alves Martins

Exhibition: A Invenção da Praia – Cassino. Curator: Paula Alzugaray


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