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janeiro 28, 2009

Project brief & details

Sometimes Always / Sometimes Never / Sometimes discusses the visual horizons of mobile culture and its entropic and saturated environments. Its point of departure is that nowadays life is seen through windows and screens and each moment appears as a movie frame that consumes and erases itself as soon as it is processed.

Mobile culture

The project consists of an interactive projection, based on generative systems, which allow the audience to shoot images with cell phone video cameras and send them, via Bluetooth, to big screens. If one draws the computer mouse across the screen, the video then fragments into single pictures, which can then be recombined by a renewed movement of the mouse.

By using the keyboard, the public introduces colored filters on the new images. When someone ceases to move the mouse, the original film restarts over the layers built by the interactors on the screen. The result is an image and dynamic palimpsest, which consumes itself following an entropic logic. Saturation produces erasure and fluid memories mediated by experiences of difference and repetition.

Since 2007, Sometimes Always / Sometimes Never / Sometimes is part of the ZKM Collection.

First Presentation: Nokia Trends 2005. Curator: Lucas Bambozzi

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